Clap Moisturizer
Clap Moisturizer
Clap Moisturizer
Clap Moisturizer
Clap Moisturizer

Clap Moisturizer

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The Sounds

The Knas Ekdahl Moisturizer is a seriously unique piece of gear.

It's a spring reverb where the springs are exposed, allowing you to physically grab, play and interfere with the springs). The Moisturizer also has a a wild analog filter and onboard analog LFO.

So in all, the Moisturizer:

  • is an excellent spring reverb
  • can produce strange metallic fx sounds with the exposed springs
  • can be used as a standalone multimode analog filter
  • is capable of all sorts of weird and unique effects 


The Samples

We took Clap samples from our collection of both vintage and modern drum machines and ran them through the Moisturizer at various reverb settings, as well as manipulating the physical springs.

The result is a series of hugely versatile clap instruments for Ableton Live - that summons everything from tight and snappy, cracking / slapping claps, right through to thunder-clapping / door-slamming thumps of doom.

This download includes:

  • 3 Instrument racks for designing Claps:
    • Light - a simple layered clap designer + tutorials
    • Medium - a moderate layered clap designer + tutorials
    • Weighty - a complex clap designer + tutorials
  • 120 samples:
    • 52 claps from classic and modern drum machines
    • 52 Moisturized versions of those claps (run through the Ekdahl)
    • 16 samples of the exposed springs

    All samples were lightly driven to taste through the Moisturizer's analog preamp for a slightly lo-fi sound that complemented the dirtiness of it's spring reverb. The Moisturizer's in-built analog High Pass Filter was also lightly engaged (with zero resonance) to make it more clap-friendly.


    The Instrument Racks

    The samples are all loaded into a ready-to-use Instrument Racks with macro controls. The built-in lessons will step you through how to design your own claps with them.

    Save your own presets so you can drop it onto any track or drum rack to add these claps to your beats. Export your samples to use them as audio files.