Ableton Push 2 and Free Push Training

Ableton Push 2 and Free Push Training

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Instalment plan: $166.50 for 6 months click here

Push is the ultimate way to work with Ableton Live - it acts like a keyboard, drum pads, effect controller - but also controls the entire program. The overall experience is of making music more naturally: instead of programming a computer using mouse and screen it's like playing an instrument using your hands and ears.

What's in this bundle:

  1. Push comes with a free copy of Ableton Live Intro* so you can use it straight out of the box. If you already own Live you can donate this Live Intro to a mate.
  2. Free Push training with your purchase: 3 hour class plus (in-studio or online) plus online study materials valued at $245

*The Intro version is enough to do this workshop, but for all other Liveschool courses the Suite version is required.